Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

I started looking at all my "To do List", my "wish I list" and "I am going to get to it list".  I began to get frustrated and feeling out of control.  It was though all the list was completely taking over me.  I wasn't marking off any accomplishments at all.  In fact I was adding more and more to the list.  I expressed my frustrations to my mentor.  I wasn't feeling confident in myself and was feeling a whole bunch of self-doubt.

My mentor simply stated, "Shauntae you must focus on one thing at a time."  Funny how I had just read an article on the Internet on how millionaires become millionaires because they focus.  They enter into what is known as the zone.  The don't remove their focus until they accomplish their goal or find that the goal is not worth obtaining.  It was confirmation that I must get in the zone.  This past week I had the opportunity to zone into one thing.  I made an commitment to speak the upcoming week for Toastmasters.  The objective for toastmasters was organization of a speech.  What a coincidence that focus and organization would be what I need to accomplish this week.

I did just that I focused.  My experience with focusing may closely be related to someone attending a drug intervention.  I experienced what I call as "Distraction Withdrawals."  Distraction withdrawals is when you are on chapter 2 of one book and pick up another book.  Better yet in this technological society "Facebook."  Talking on the phone or even getting up to eat snacks.  I must be honest the process of focusing was difficult.  I had to focus on my assignment of writing a speech.  The entire week I didn't pick up a book that didn't pertain to my research.  I didn't browse the net for nonsense.  I kept my eye on toastmasters.  I had to write the speech, memorize and practice the speech. 

I must tell you in order to reach your goals or dreams you must CLARIFY what you and then you must CONCENTRATE.

Step 1. Clarification – Know your dream

So you have a dream and don't know how you going to get there.  That is okay don't worry about how you get there.  The most important factor is that you know specifically what you want the end result to be.  You should simply get a clear picture in your mind of what it is that you want and how it is going to feel when you have achieved your dream.  Take action:  If  there is a car you want want go and test drive that car.  Do whatever it takes to assist you with clearly visualising where it is you want to be. 

Step 2. Clarification – Know why you want your dream
Once you have that clear picture in your head for what you want, then you need to look inside yourself and figure out why you want this particular dream. This will help you when times are dark and you need to remember the reason that you are going through what you need to in order to achieve your dream.

Step 3. Concentration – See your dream Every day, take at least five to ten minutes to close your eyes and imagine yourself as you would be having already achieved your dream. Imagine how it would feel and what would be different. Make it as real as possible. Really get to know what it will feel like once you are living your dream. Do not just imagine it, but feel it as well.

Step 4. Concentration – Work towards your dream
Do something every day that will help you progress towards your dream. This can be just about anything. If you do not know where to start, then use this time to research your dream. In this day and age there is always a way to get information. If time is an issue for you, then look at how you spend it. Do you watch television? Get a video course that will help your towards your dream. Do you play video games? Use your computer to instead find information on how to achieve your dream. What kind of books are you reading? Instead of fantasies or romance novels, try reading a book about your dream. If you only spent thirty minutes each day working towards your dream, you would be amazed how far you could go.

Step 5. Concentration – Be persistent and consistent
You can do every single one of the four steps above, but if you only do them once, it will make no difference. If you do them only occasionally or when you feel like it, you will make little if any progress and most likely become quickly discouraged. You must be consistent with these steps, following them daily, and you must be persistent with these steps, following them until you succeed.

Step 6. Concentration – Live your dream

As you work towards your dream, you will almost always find Nah Nah's (haters, negative folks, dream killers)   Did you know that the most common of these people are well meaning friends and family who care about you and do not want to see you fail. The only thing that they do not realize is that failure is a part of success. You will fall down as you reach for your dreams. Just realize that this is part of the journey and get back up and keep going. When friends or family make their feelings known, thank them for their concerns and let them know that you appreciate it. Then get back to making your dream a reality. The best gift you can give someone is to show by your own example that you really can live your dreams.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ladies what is your worth?

There are many reasons I am writing this blog.  My heart is very heavy today when it comes to this subject.  Many of my closet friends and networks are single women.  Women who are very wholesome but haven't had the opportunity to be a reciprocant of real love.  They have been faced with challenges that have caused them not to be married or in a relationship.  Each challenge was presented with its on case.  No one story is the same and none of them handle coping with singlehood the same way.  I admire most and worry about some.  I have found that many women I meet are in search of the same thing a good man which they equivelate to a good relationship.  First in foremost they are in search of the wrong thing.  A good man when they need to be searching within themselves and seeking God first.  Because if they aren't whole which single means whole then they are going to be happy when they get a man period. They want be happy with themselves.  A relationship doesn't start out being great super or lasting if it is only good while it is good.  What do I mean?  When we first encounter someone all we see is the good even when signs indicate the bad.  All we imagine is the future and what it would be like to have this personin our lives day in and day out.  all we can think about is what we gonna do with this person and how they may be the one.  Not turly dechiphering if this dude is worth our time or not.  Notice the word worth.  You don't know what you are worth because you haven't taken the time to measure your self worth.  You have spent every minute trying to find Mr. Right to end up meeting Mr. Wrong. Because you don't know you.  I encourage you to take some time to spend with you. 

Here are some tips:

1.  Create a place that allows you to feel calm
2.  Sit quietly with yourself
3.  Take a mirror and look at you
4.  Realize that this moment is yours
5.  Don't allow others to dictate your time
6.  Follow your heart
7.  Do what is right for you
8.  Don't settle for less
9.  Write down your qualities
10.  Design a vision board
11.  Accept your failures
12.  Start Something New
13.  Dance as if no one is watching
14.  Dream Big
15.  Cry sometimes
16.  Don't punish yourself
17.  Be Free
18.  Excercise
19.  Develop your on tips
20.  Encourage someone else

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Its my 30th Entry!!

It is my 30th entry and the number 30 is special to me because I will be turning 30 on July 3.  Don't you all start sending me birthday gifts and wishes all at one.  For my 30th I have been thinking of ways to Celebrate Life. So I for my 30th Entry I have decided to share:

30 things I like about me!!! Now don't get me wrong I am not conceited or ungrateful.  As a matter of fact it is the complete opposite.  I am grateful and completely happy being who I am.  That is what I want to encourage each of you to be happy with who you are. The media can often times influence you by saying indirectly that  I decided though that if I weren't me then who would be me.  I just don't think anyone can handle being me or do me any justice.  With that being said.  I thought I would find 30 things I like about me that I would share with someone else.  I am happy to be reaching the blissful age of 30.  I am happy that I will be able to see 30.  There are many people who will not or didn't.  Now you are probably thinking well you haven't seen 30.  Well I speak things as they are.  Why because I know God will bless me with 30 years. 

Check out my list and I encourage you to write your own.

1.  I like me
2.  I like my style
3.  I like my sense of humor
4.  I like my creativity
5.  I like my smile
6.  I like my hair
7.  I like my body shape
8.  I like my appearance
9.  I like how I communicate
10.  I like my outgoing spirit
11.  I like that I am a risk taker
12.  I like that I am persistent
13.  I like my feet
14.  I like my lips
15.  I like my life
16.  I like my heart (caring spirit)
17.  I like my optimism
18.  I like my teeth
19.  I like that I am a mother
20.  I like that I am a wife
21.  I like that I am a child of God
22.  I like the fact that I am not perfect
23.  I like voice
24.  I like nose
25.  I like my thick eyebrows
26.  I like my laugh
27.  I like my breast
28.  I like that I make friends easily
29.  I like my heartbeat
30.  I like being me... actually I love all these things about me. 

Sista Saver:  Saving Money, Saving Time & Saving Lives Through Motivation and Influential Tips!  Go Influence Someone

Friday, May 7, 2010

Are you only existing? Live Your Life Now

When I get some money! When I move! When I get a better job! When I... the list can go on forever.  So many people refuse to live their life now.  They are waiting for some spectacular moment that is suppose to give them momentum to live.  The momentum to live is when you feel the breathe of fresh air go in and out your body.  Take a deep breathe right now.  Go ahead..stop reading and close your eyes for a moment and breathe deeply through your nostrils.  Slowly release the breathe you took in.  Go Ahead Give it a try.

This activity restores and refreshes your body.  That simple moment in time is refreshing and rejuvenating.  And guess what it is free!! You were blessed to arise this morning from your slumber.  And if you are reading this you are at least existing.  There is so much more to life than just existing.  You must begin to live in your existence.  I don't know if you will admit it or not; but there has been times in my life when life was passing me by.  You still may be in that negative zone or you may be like me and allowed the light bulb to turn on.  There is so much more to be done and we only have one life to live.  I once saw a quote that stated, "You only have one life to live, but if you do it right that is all you need."  I thought that was a very powerful quote.  I've heard many people say if I only had more time in a day or if there were two of me I could do more.  That is not true and you know it.  If there were two of you; there possibly would be an additional unproductive person in this world.  I for one know we don't have time for anymore unproductive folk. 

So, how can you fulfill this day and be a blessing to someone else?  I am certain we didn't get another opportunity at life just to sit around and do nothing.  Nope, we are suppose to live each day to the fullest. You may not have all the money that you wish, that home, or that job.  But you do have this opportunity this moment in time.  So what are you going to do with it. 

I encourage you to live your life now.  You must not wait for what you think as perfect timing.  There is no perfect time.  Just when you think you have it going on; something else goes wrong.  Hey it is just life.  I would like to share with you some tips and encouragement on how you can start living your life now!

1.  Acknowledge your Existence:  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

2.  Forgive yourself of the past...The would of should of...:  We get so bogged down in the past that many of us can't move to the future because of our past choices.  I believe that our past is our text book to our future.  The lessons are our chapters that develop us into the the people we are suppose to become.  The lessons from the past are not to burden us but to encourage us to progress.  I have had many setbacks and should have or could have sessions myself.  These sessions only set us back in time and makes us less productive individuals.  So I encourage you to take the past as it it! I know it sounds simple but Let It Go!

3. Just do it!  Like Nike has advertised for years.  Just do it!  It may not be perfect but you will not be a failure because you tried.  That is all that is required the majority of times.  I know this all too well.  I am still learning this concept myself.  But I believe that I have learned a lot from taking opportunities regardless of what the outcome may be.  I decided that somebody is going to have to do it; so why not me. 
4.  Start Small!  Don't take on too much too fast.  The outcome of that is NOTHING!! The reality is that you will become overwhelm, exhausted and discouraged.  So if you want to become a dancer like Michael Jackson.  It may require you to take some courses or watch his moves by video.  Don't try to go on Broadway without taking the correct steps to reach your goals. 

5.  Dedicate yourself to service!  Doing something else to serve someone else.  This helped me out a lot.  I remember one Christmas I didn't have a job.  Instead of worrying and pitying over myself circumstance I volunteered the entire Christmas season at United Way.  This allowed me the opportunity to meet persons less fortunate than myself.  I also learned a lot about myself throughout the process of helping someone else. 

6.  Prayer & Praise are the most important.  Throughout life there will be windfalls and fires.  God may not remove you from them all but he will get in with you and remove the flame.  It will require you to go through.  When you live your life now you can be a testimony to someone else.

These are a brief life changing steps that have helped me along the way.  Share them with someone else.  Stay tuned for more from Sista Saver.  Together we can save money, time and lives.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who is Sketching You?

I participated this morning with dozens of beautiful, highly motivated, and loving women in a training session for Girl Talk. While there I found admiration and curiosity towards the women who were participates. Everyone had a special talent and some way we all connected. We all had a desire to be role models for young girls. We all expressed our individualism and desires for wanting to be volunteers. It is very funny how you often time look at the appearance of others or listen to what folks say they are doing in some form of judgment. It either makes you jealous or inspires you to continue to move forward with your dreams. I continued to observe the room and all its embellishments of beautiful women; while doing so I observed a young pretty girl, looking me up and down. I noticed that every time she looked at me she would sketch on a piece of paper. I was sitting directly across from her in a circular seating arrangement. The young girl didn't know me nor had we spoken. I kept noticing her sketch something on a piece of paper. Just thinking highly of me, I quietly reached over to a friend of mine and I said, “That little girl keeps looking at me I think she is drawing me”. My friend began to laugh at me as though I was full of myself. But I knew something was up with the young girl.

The facilitator instructed us to position ourselves under categories that represented our personality type. Upon completion of this activity each of us had to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our personality type. Of which I am an extrovert. I saw from afar the piece of paper that the young girl had been doodling on all morning. I noticed there were three figures on the paper. All of which represented someone or something. I noted to myself that I had to see what that girl was drawing. So after the meeting I noticed the girl sitting Indian style on the floor. My friend and I walked over to the little girl. I simply asked the little girl what she had been drawing. As I looked at the picture she replied, "You." Although, I had thought the young girl was sketching me; it didn't become a reality until she said you. I was simply taken aback. I really didn't know what to say. Somehow, some way I made an impression on this girl without even having had contact with her. She saw something in me. I don't know what I did to inspire the sketch. I don't know what led her to choose me out of the dozen of women. But I do know I influenced her in some way. She even had above my head the personality type EXTROVERT.

The moral of this story is you don't know who is sketching you. Just as I had been observing and admiring the women in the session, someone was admiring me. I had no knowledge of how influential my presence was. This young girl saw something within me that she felt the need to take the time to sketch. What will your sketch resemble? What young girl has a desire to model you? What young girl is influenced by your behavior? We never know who is observing, who is watching, who is admiring us. So always be positive. Be a shining light to someone. Most importantly what behavior have you displayed? Just like me I didn’t build a relationship with this young girl. I only had one encounter with her and that was my presence. I didn’t have the opportunity to be pretend to be someone else. This young girl had the opportunity to see me just when I thought no one was watching. The sketch she drew of me was a display of her first impression. What little girl is sketching you? Some young girl is watching your every move, your body language, your character, your way of dressing, your style, your smile. Just like I was observing the other women; someone was sketching me. Always remember someone is sketching you.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Got A Promotion and So can You!!!

I have been working on this promotion for quite sometime and guess what I got it!!! I am now an Investment Banker for the Kingdom of God.  Today I was rewarded the opportunity to have a title added to the work that I have already been doing.  I have been clipping coupons, investing money, coaching others, and saving the money that God has allowed me to keep.  Now I had to realize that the money wasn't mine.  God actually gave me his heart by saying that he is allowing me to manage his money while here on earth.  What am I saying he is holding me accountable as to how I maintain what he has granted me.  I just can't go around wasting his money on senseless items.  I can't be the slave to my creditors or to things that really want matter in 6 months.  As I look around my home I find things that I don't even know why I purchased it.  Maybe I thought it looked good at the time, or felt as though I needed it.  With this promotion comes a lot of responsibilty. 

In Matthews 25 vs. 14-26 it shows what God wanted his people to do with his money.  He didn't want us to waste it but he wants us to multiply his money.  Just like you would if you were to take a sum of money to the bank.  You don't want it to be burdered in the ground.  You want it to compound some interest.  When you mulitply God's  money you get more, but when you Hoard, stash, cheat, and steal you get nothing and are called WICKED.  You must be about God's business. 

Let me share 5 Principles that I must uphold in my new position:

1.  Ownership- vs. 14...God has given me ownership over his money
2.  Stewardship-vs. 15...I am only responsible for what God gives me..I am not held responsible for what is not given.  In other words I only need to be concerned about what I currently have and not what I wish I had. 
3.  Purspose vs. 16-18.. What is my purpose?  Am I able to fulfill my purpose?  You can't be burden with financial debt because you will not be able to fulfill your purpose due to slavery of the Benjamin.
4.  Accountablity vs. 19 God will hold me accountable.  He will hold you accountable for what and how you are managing the money.  Did you help someone else?  Are you giving?  Are you hoarding?  Are you tithing?
5.  Relationship- As a Investment Banker you must have strong and trustful relationship.  Have you given your life to Christ?  Do you know what he wants you do with his money?  Building lasting relationships require you knowing Christ and having a relationship with him.

I want to thank God for my title of Investment Banker.  Thank God for my opportunity to attend
Nations Ford Community Church today where Bishop Phillip M. Davis, Senior Pastor shared this powerful message.  I hope it touches you and yours.  Stay tuned for 10 Creative Ways to Give. 

Sista Saver

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ladies-Bath & Body Works (Free Products)

Okay now thru March 24th, Bath & Body Works is offering a FREE Signature Collection Travel Size item with ANY purchase when you click the word free for coupon. (up to $5 value!)  If you know me by now ANY purchase to me means something cheap let's say clearance or $1..So if you are headed to the mall this weekend sneak this coupon in your purse.

If that wasn't enought you can also click Here to print a coupon good for a FREE Home Fragrance or Signature Collection Body Care item with a $15 purchase!  (up to $12.50 value!)  This copuon is valid thru March 14th only!!!

Treat yourself this weekend!!

Thanks Deal Finding Chick !!!

Took sometime to find

I can't believe that it is March already. Time is flying and I don't want to miss another opportunity not doing what I am destine to do.  I took a small break to decide how I wanted to handle this blog.  What direction I wanted to go in.  I love saving money, I love fashion, and I love motivating folks and I decided that my blog does just that.  But I want to go one step further.  As I am working on my purpose in this small world.  And I do mean small world because technology has allowed you to be right here with me even when you may be in another country or state.  My purpose is to inspire women. Especially our bright little ladies that are growing up in this society.  There are so many attention stealers out here that we must be focused and aware of what is grabbing the attention of our young girls.  As I am inspiring you I want to reach out to girls ages 8-12 especially.  Now ladies don't get me wrong I still want you as my fans and supporters.  Without you I can't possibly get the word out.  I need women who love the Lord and love our girls to step up to the plate and begin mentoring and supporting programs for the betterment of our girls. They need self-esteem boost.  As a I am in need of host to host seminars at thier church or possibly homes to young girls.  Please let me know of youth group leader contact info at your churches.  Until next time keep saving!!

Kids EAT Free

DEALS for the Kids....

Quodba is offering free meals for Kids on Saturday’s throughout March. Contact your location to make sure they are participating. (thanks southern savers)  Click Here

Other Dining Deals

Free appetizer with $10 food purchase at Ruby Tuesday’s. (Facebook deal) (thanks southern savers)Click Here

Thanks to Southernsavers!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cooking at Home saved me over $200 bucks....

I have been putting on the oven glove and doing my thing in the kitchen for the past year.  For several reasons I have decided to cook dinner at home.  First of all it is to expensive to eat.  The average cost of a meal is $15-$20 per person.   I guess I think about tomorrow alot, Yep I said it I like to eat and having the option to have seconds is what I am talking about.  Not only that I am able to control my salt intake and calories.  Restaraunts can often dounce to much salt on your food and put a whole bunch of I don't know in my food.  I also hate to think about who is the cook.  Plus my husband is so picky with his vegaterian eating habits that I would much rather know what my food is soaking in.  My number one goal though is to save money.  Yes it can be very time consuming if you don't plan.  But I somewhat conquered that issue.  I made a meal plan for a week for what the SistaSavers family will eat.  I will show you a picture of it in a moment. 

Here are my pink and black gloves and
my meal planner

Cooking has become something I am passionate about.  I don't know if is because after you have kids you are more cautious.  Whatever the case I am enjoying the opportunity to put love into my meals.  The outcome is that it is more nutrious and the man of the house enjoys it.  He always gives me a happy plate.  Not only that it gives us time to eat dinner together. (Still working on eating at the dinner table).  I get some great satisfaction of taking care of my husband this way.  Don't get me wrong I am not a slave to the kitchen it brings me enjoyment.  The end results are even better the food and a full belly.  Let's take a look at past meals.  If you are interested in any of the recipes shoot me an email  In the future I may even sneak in a recipe or two. 

Here we go:  Portabello Mushrooms with Asparagus

My mom had her girlfriends over and asked me to cook Shrimp and Grits!! One dish that many of my friends and family requests.

Spaghetti & Soy Meat Sauce really good...made for hubby though...

Later on in the week we had shrimp scampi and linquini pasta. I know I got carried away on the pasta but I spread it out..Looks great and taste even better.

I made crab cakes one day as well....I think that this was another weeks dinner..Man I loved pasta...You can substitute with mash potatoes, something green.
I made myself fried chicken wings one day but didn't get a picture of it.. But here are my barbecue wings!!
One day I even made a vegatable pot pie from scratch...Very tasty...

The next day I was starving and wanted me some beef..
 Snuck myself in a steak...uhhhh huh....

Stay tune for more cooking delights.  I will add recipes upon request or interest.  

Best Regards,

Super Double Deal-Harris Teeter $153.84 SAVINGS

Greetings My Friends:

I know many of you read my post regarding Harris Teeter. Yes it may or may not be surprising to you but unlesss we speak up and speak out people will continue to do what they have always done. In any situation where you find something just isn't right question the situation. Regardless of what happen yesterday I still came out on Top. Yes indeed!!! I saved a whopping $113.37 in coupons and $40.47 in Harris Teeter savings. So let's calculate that a GRAND TOTAL of $153.84.

Many items I would never have tried but because of double super deal at Harris Teeter I received a lot of products free.  So how does Super Double Deal works.  Harris Teeter doubles coupons with face value up to $1.98.  Therefore if a products cost $1.50 the couple doubles get the item free and you earn extra money.  Visit for tutorials.  My goal is to keep you in the know.  Keep visiting for new updates and knowledge.  Remember that "Knowledge without practice is the same thing as no knowledge."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If Something is not Right then Write: Harris Teeter Poor Experience

February, 17, 2010

Keith Lawson & Corporate:

I have been a loyal customer to your Harris Teeter store #149, Celanese Rd. Rock Hill, SC for 7+ years. I have always been treated fairly. Today, February 17, 2010 I chose to shop at 5 am for several reasons to gain time, reduce stress, and enjoy the emptiness of the store. Upon checking out at 7 am to get the super double deal I was approached by your cashier Linda. She greeted me pleasantly and asked would I be doing two orders today. I responded yes and she patiently assisted me in completing my order. I noticed that another young lady by the name of Sarah was standing there moments later. She assisted her with the bundle of coupons I had for my order. Some of the coupons were not working and she began to question some products. I matched every coupon with every item so what I had there was what the coupon represented. Linda proceeded with the order, but Sarah just kept standing there; I suppose to monitor the situation. I never had a manager just tend to one register as though she were awaiting a problem. Out of nowhere Sarah began to question was I going to be using coupons on my second order. I told her that I would. This is when the problem escalated. Sarah began to explain to me that it is 20 coupons per. Household.

I understand your policy quite well that is why I took the time to gather them appropriately. I tried explaining that I was shopping for myself and my mother (of who doesn’t live in my home and has her on VIC card). Sarah replied that I couldn’t do that. This has to be somewhat of an untruth because there are numerous people who shop for others. This was very unusual for me because I have been shopping that way for quite some time. Not only that I have seen other cashiers do this for customers quite often. As if that wasn’t enough embarrassment in itself Sarah and Linda began counting my coupons numerous amounts of time. The shopping experience that was supposed to be stress free was worst than ever. Sarah then asked would I like to speak to the store manager. At this point I was quite embarrassed and in a frenzy to get to work. The manager came over and I explained my situation and he allowed me to get the groceries. The main issues I have are as follows:

1. It seems as though this Harris Teeter location discriminates upon who is able to follow your coupon doubling policy. Why state a policy for one person to follow if it is not going to be applied to all?

2. Why did my cashier take an extra 10 minutes to count 20 coupons and still miscount the amount of coupons I used? Both receipts show less than 20 coupons used in a transaction?

3. If indeed I were over my 20 limit coupon my understanding is that you can use your coupons but at face value. Why was I given back coupons on items I purchased? I did not receive my discount and I have to return items to store. Also I never reached 20 coupon maximum.

4. Why did Sarah stand behind the cashier watching as though I was doing something wrong by trying to save money?

5. Is your policy based upon if the cashier knows you its okay? Or does Harris Teeter value all their customers. I was even told that if you know the cashier it is easier to shop with coupons?

I would like a response to the questions and I would also like someone to contact me. This experience will not go unnoticed or unknown. I am very upset about the time lost, the stress created and the experience none of which I can do anything about at this point. When I think of value, especially in a customer service situation it is putting the customer first. Not creating an environment where someone feels as though they are being monitored or treated unfairly. I have worked in customer service myself for quite some time and know that the customer is your business.

SistaSaver10 Experience

Monday, February 15, 2010

Reduce the Noise

As I was sitting here planning my day something just hit me.  Have you ever listen to a radio or t.v and it seemed to get louder and louder? What seemed to be interesting at first has become a lot more irritating.  Have you ever turned on the T.V to watch the news and your anxiety level began to increase?  How about have you ever surfed the net and became overwhelmed with research?  It is called "Noise"  the buzzing in your ear.  The annoyance in your mind.  The distraction that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose. 

We wonder why we never complete any task that we desire.  There are so many distractions in the super technological world that we can't maintain the moment.  We are living in every moment except the now.  I hope you are catching my drift.  The "Noise" begins to clog your mind and keeps you from belieiving that you can achieve your goals.  You begin to see others producing what you have always said you were going to do.  But they took action.  You turn on the television to find your idea right in front of you.  It's time to turn off the noise whatever is for you will be.  You don't have to compare yourself to others.  What people are doing is what you should be doing and that is taking ACTION.  That is the only difference between you and them.  When you are faced with too much noise you must:

1.  Take ACTION- Begin to plan what you desire to achieve
2.  Remove yourself from the noise-Turn off all distractions
3.  Develop a Positive attitude-Turn off all negativity
4.  Enjoy the moment- Relax and don't worry about the next day or your next move
5.  Continue to Pray, Be Patient, and Prepare
6.  Practice this daily

P.S.  This does not have to relate to technology (although the largest distraction yet).  This can also be noise from friends, family, yourself whatever or whoever is adding distraction to your purpose.  Learn how to balance and incorporate each. 

Best Regards,

Sista Saver

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Yourself Daily

Today is the Nations holiday known as Valentine's Day. A day of smiles, tears, happiness, sadness, regrets, laughter and often times disappointment. Whether you have a love or you don't it’s the day dedicated for

L-O-V-E. As I think of this day with its paganism history I begin to wonder why people get bogged down with the materialistic part of this day. Of course the malls are crowded, there are over 3 hours of waiting time at restaurants and the calories are being increased by the overindulgence of chocolate. There are more depressed people who just hate this day. But why hate a day that represents L-O-V-E. The one thing that the bible tells us if we have no LOVE we have nothing.
I encourage you today and everyday to indulge in SELF LOVE. What does this mean? Before you can accept the love of others you must love yourself first. I have always been a believer of that. Even if you don't have a significant other you have yourself. If you don't have love and a true understanding of your SELF-Worth you have nothing. I encourage you to shower yourself with LOVE daily. Begin by looking at your best and worst qualities. Because God made you in his image and nothing about you isn't worth loving.

Happy Valentine's Day to you today and always.

Much Love,

Sista Saver

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Saved More than $80 bucks today!!!

What a Great Job...New Orleans Saints...

And Great Job to myself Sista Saver..After shopping at 3 grocery stores to find great savings I want to share my greatest deal of the day.  I took the hubby with me just so he can appreciate the hard work and what great payoff couponing does for our house hold.  We first went to Harris Teeter.  There wasn't much on my list from there but I did pick up some veggie meat.  The vegaterian product Morning Star usually cost $4.99 but I caught a sale on them for $2.99 each..  Then we drove over to Earth Fare where I picked up some organic chicken wings for $1.99 a pound.  By the way they are on sale until 2/23 so make sure you go and pick them up.  They are so fresh and clean.  I can't wait to have them for dinner.  Then we went to Bi-Lo where I picked up so much food.  Let me show you a picture.

Guess how much?  Look at all the products and the names of each product.  The tab came up to $94.64 after coupons the cost was $32.26 can you believe it.. Oh my goodness we did a great job.  Even with the help of my husband I got the job done.  You can't see it but I also had a 5 pd. bag of russet potatoes and pepperidge farm bread behind the groceries.  Look at all that Kraft Cheese... and Dole fruits..Emerald Nuts...Check out the prices of these items not on sale and you know how much it would have been if I didn't have coupons and catch a great sale..

Here is a picture of a Happy Husband..

Saturday, February 6, 2010


In order to reach our fullest capicity we must "Release"...  That is we must remove fear from our souls.  It seems to be a destructive disease.  Constantly blocking our true self and being.  We must look FEAR in the face and acknowledge why we can't move forward. Are we fear?  Are we are own disease.  Look in the mirror and declare that you are above fear!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Must Clean Out!!!

It snowed this weekend in S.C and gratefully I had some time on my hand.  Instead of complaining about being stuck in the house or that I didn't have anything to do.  I took the opportunity to clean up and cook a lovely dinner for my hubby and me.  As far as the clean up I started in the refrigerator.  Food was compiled in the fridge old and new.  We all know how frustrating it is when you find that you don't have something when you thought you did.  Your refrigerator is full of nothing.  Things cluttering up the fridge making it seem as though you are well stock and prepared, but when you are are ready to cook the right ingredients can't be found. 

You may find this to be the case within your life.  You may often time have too much stuff going and not taking time for self.  Your life may be cluttered with people who are taking up space but not adding anything to the recipe of your life?  Maybe you have goals that aren't attainable because you have set inappropriate timelines?  Is fear consuming your space?  We are constantly putting more and more into our relationships but getting nothing in return.  Your homes are unorganized because of having to much of nothing.  Your dreams are forgotten because of fear.  I know there is someone who can relate to this frustrating cycle of having too much going on but not producing anyting.

Just like a product with an old expiration date.  It is time to throw it away.  You must throw out the negative attitude, eliminate those persons that are draining your spirit, your mind, your pockets, and most importantly your time.  You must keep items that add value and allow you to manifest your dreams.  As I reached into the fridge and started removing the old products I began to be able to see the space and full capacity of the use of my refrigerator.  I began to see where things are suppose to go.  I arranged my refrigerator with the most important items.

I started with the top shelf I put items that would fulfill my thirst. As this relates to our personal selves this may be your spiritual outlet.  For me it is God and his Word.

 “O taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8)

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)

“Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, ‘If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture said, streams of living water will flow from him.’” (John 7:37)

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost form the spring of the water of life.” (Revelation 21:6)

“The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say ‘Come!’ Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” (Revelation 22:17)

The second shelf consisted of items that would give me nourishment. 

Deep in my spirit I believe I am called to share the ‘Good News’ of who Jesus is and about the love of God with others. As my heart is set on this and I am in this mode, I am nourished in a way that I cannot be by eating even the healthiest of foods. As Psalm 81:10 reads, “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.” God is telling the Psalmist, and me(and us), that if I open my spirit to Him that He will fill me with good things deep in my inner most being. Well, I think that God placed in me a deep desire to share with others about His love. To tell others about His goodness. To provide hope to others. And when I do this, deep in my spirit, I am nourished.

The third shelf were items that I would need to lift my spirits.  Hanging out with friends, giving back within your community, doing things you just love to do.

“Oh, the joys of those who …. delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Psalm 1:1-2
“O LORD Almighty, happy are those who trust in you.” Psalm 84:12

“Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.” Psalm 89:15
“Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord. Joyful are those who obey his laws and search for him with all their hearts.” Psalm 119:1-2
“As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.” Psalm 119:143
“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.” Philippians 4:6-7
“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise….. then the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:8-9

Finally, the drawers were full of items that give me energy and  we can't forget about the door. The door on the refrigerator is for the purpose of condiments and miscellaneous items.  The items you find on the door are those things that dress up your food.  Make them taste better or look better.  It is always great to have these additions on your food but if you have too much it can become fattening.  At this point you want to be mindful of all the people you let into your life.  Do they create too much baggage?  Are they contributing to your success and well-being?  Is what you putting on your door neccessary for the recipe of your life?  If the answers to any of the questions aren't purposeful it is time to clean out your refrigerator and put the neccessary essentials on your shelf. 

Affirmations from Bible you can use: 
God stands at my side and gives me the strength I need for today. 2 Timothy 4:17

As I cleanse myself of the wood and clay in my life, I am better able to be used by God. 2 Timothy 2:20-21
Scriptures in the Bible teach me 2 do what is right and equip me for every good thing God wants me 2 do. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
God reveals his spiritual truths to me by his Spirit. 1 Corinthians 2:13

Christ has set me free to experience true freedom. Galatians 5:1

Best Regards,

Sista Saver

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Debt List/Repayment Schedule

Debt List
1. Creditor-To one whom the debt is owed

2.  Describe what was purchased - Item purchased with the money borrowed

3.  Monthly payment - The amount of the montly payment

4.  Balance due- The amount of the outstanding debt

5.  Scheduled pay-off date- The date by which the debt will be fully paid

6.  Interest rate- The rate of interest charged for the debt

7.  Payments past due- The number of payments, if any, past due on each debt

ADD and Total the Monthly Payment and Balance Due


Debt Repayment Schedule
This will help you be systematic in your effort to get out of debt. 

1. Date Due- The day each payment is due

2.  Payment amount- The amount of each payment

3.  Payment remaining - The number of payments remaining

4.  Balance- The loan balance due after each payment

Use excel sheet to make columns.  I may possibly be able to set that up for you.  If you don't have excel or computer use pen and paper. 

Crown Financial

Love this class...

Sista Saver

Don't Waste Your Money!!!

Yes that is what I said.  Take back your money.  Do you know what you are spending each month?  Do you know where you money is going?  More than likely you have $5 - $10 extra bucks flying out the window or going to the trash.  You know those late fees of $5 bucks, $.20 late fees, extra money on grocery when you don't use your coupons, eating out when you have groceries in the house.  Yeah it doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up.  Take for example if each month you don't pay your utility bill late they take a percentage of your bill and you collect a $5.00 fee.  I know because I could never get my bill paid on time.  Or just held on to the last minute.  If you get a $5.00 fee for 12 months that is $60.00 bucks.  Yes it adds up.  That money could be used to pay off a credit card or another bill.  It is ridiculous!!!

Why do we allow this to happen month after month.  Laziness, unaware or just can't truly afford the bills we have.  I would like to give you some quick tips to breaking free of just letting your money slip out your hand. 

Let's do it:

1.  Gather up all your bills (Must be willing to face them)
2.  Sit for a moment and just look at them (Imagine them being paid on time or paid off)
3.  Organize (Sort based on importance "What is needed to survive")
           I.      House Payment
           II.     Car Note
           III.    Electric or Gas Bill
           IV.    Phone Service (Do you need a cell phone & house phone?)
            V.    Credit Card (Get rid of highest interest rates)
4.  Devise a family budget (Follow blog for expanded details)
           I.       Giving
           II.      Grocery
           III.     Clothing
           IV.     Savings
            V.     Entertainment
5.  Track Your Progress

This is a few tips to get you started.  Throughout the month I will post more tips and expanded info soon.

Best Regards,

Sista Saver

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free Groceries...

For many years there has been a secret society of couponers.  This society consist of stay-at-home moms, professional woman, and many folks who already have a couple pots of gold stashed away (savings accounts).  While the information is actually in front of many of our faces and available to anyone who seeks it.  Not until recently though has so many people began to catch on to what this secret society of couponers were doing.  Buying newspapers in a high quantity on Sunday and clipping away to build an album of savings.  It was amazing the day I stood behind one of these persons.  She had a cart full of name brand high quality groceries.  I just knew her bill was going to be at least $100 bucks.  But to my surprise her total was $40 bucks.  I thought to myself what is going on.  A couple weeks later I was shopping again and saw women walking around with a binder filled with coupons.  Folks were getting there groceries for free.  Here I was trying to buy the store brand to save money and spending much much more.

 I have been in the practice of saving money for several years. This year though I have decided to track my spending.  I am keeping up with my receipts and using coupons in every case. Whether I am going to buy a new outfit, a pair of shoes, ink for the computer, groceries I am constantly seeking a way to save.  It requires much patience and committment to become a couponer.  As I am still learning the rules and secrets of mastering this art of saving.  I am going to share as much info with you as I can. 
Free Peanut Butter, 6 Free Bottles of Juice, Free Tropicana, Free Razors, Free Can of Tuna....Before Savings Price $111 After Savings Price $49.01

Stay tune to find out how you can save....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Because Your Worth it!!!

Inspite of all the different roles you may play in your life.  There comes a time when you have to walk out on faith and take time for yourself.  It doesn't matter what others think.  At this point and time you must do YOU! I can't count the numerous times I've spoken to  women just like you and I who resent the fact that they lived there entire life being about the business of others.  Now is the time that you in get in the business of Self.  That doesn't mean that you don't do your Godly duty of doing for others.  It means taking account for you. It may have been a while since you took time for yourself so I am going to give you some suggestions on getting started...

1.  Make up your mind that you are going to do something for yourself.  (Long bath, spa, hair appointment, 30 min. You session)

2.  Start Planning...(Every business starts off with a plan). Buy yourself a YOU calendar.  This means put yourself on the calendar at least once a week.  Gradually making it a daily ritual.

3.  Set Goals...(What have you always wanted to do, go, see....) Make the goals long-term and short-term.  Make the goals reachable and not stressful.

4.  Delegate duties to others.  A good leader of self knows the importance of having a great support team.  That may not be the case for everyone.  But whenever someone offers to help act upon it.  Hold people accountable for their words.

5. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.  It is always good to know your strong points and know what your limitations are.  You have to always have something to be working on to become better.

6.  Simply just do it.  In order to achieve self gratification and a sense of accomplishment.  You must Begin. 

These are just a few suggestions to begin with.  Don't become overwhelm and discourage if doesn't happen over night.  This is a process.  Remember it took many years to forget to indulge self.

It's Offically 2010

I must tell you that I have been unemployed for the past year.  I could say that 2009 was a bummer but it actually was an eye opener.  What do I mean!  I learned so much about me.  I learned how to make my money work for me and how to become a mother all in one year.  Yes I knew how to save some bucks.  To be honest I have saved more money being unemployed than employed.  But what really made me value every dollar is the possiblity of not having at all.  This make me much more aware of where my money is being spent.  I have picked up habits such as clipping coupons, shopping sale racks, and negotiating. 

I have been researching and reading several blogs on how to shop on a budget.  Learning how to prepare menus for the week and eating out less has put more income in my savings account.  My goal is to not have to work for another corporation unless it is my own.  Oh yeah I am not saying this is easy.  It takes my discipline and a lot of patitience.  As of today I have already saved $1500.00.  You want to know how!!!

Great..follow my blog and find out more daily, maybe twice a day, whenever I save I will let you know.  More to come soon.