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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Debt List/Repayment Schedule

Debt List
1. Creditor-To one whom the debt is owed

2.  Describe what was purchased - Item purchased with the money borrowed

3.  Monthly payment - The amount of the montly payment

4.  Balance due- The amount of the outstanding debt

5.  Scheduled pay-off date- The date by which the debt will be fully paid

6.  Interest rate- The rate of interest charged for the debt

7.  Payments past due- The number of payments, if any, past due on each debt

ADD and Total the Monthly Payment and Balance Due


Debt Repayment Schedule
This will help you be systematic in your effort to get out of debt. 

1. Date Due- The day each payment is due

2.  Payment amount- The amount of each payment

3.  Payment remaining - The number of payments remaining

4.  Balance- The loan balance due after each payment

Use excel sheet to make columns.  I may possibly be able to set that up for you.  If you don't have excel or computer use pen and paper. 

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Love this class...

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