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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Waste Your Money!!!

Yes that is what I said.  Take back your money.  Do you know what you are spending each month?  Do you know where you money is going?  More than likely you have $5 - $10 extra bucks flying out the window or going to the trash.  You know those late fees of $5 bucks, $.20 late fees, extra money on grocery when you don't use your coupons, eating out when you have groceries in the house.  Yeah it doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up.  Take for example if each month you don't pay your utility bill late they take a percentage of your bill and you collect a $5.00 fee.  I know because I could never get my bill paid on time.  Or just held on to the last minute.  If you get a $5.00 fee for 12 months that is $60.00 bucks.  Yes it adds up.  That money could be used to pay off a credit card or another bill.  It is ridiculous!!!

Why do we allow this to happen month after month.  Laziness, unaware or just can't truly afford the bills we have.  I would like to give you some quick tips to breaking free of just letting your money slip out your hand. 

Let's do it:

1.  Gather up all your bills (Must be willing to face them)
2.  Sit for a moment and just look at them (Imagine them being paid on time or paid off)
3.  Organize (Sort based on importance "What is needed to survive")
           I.      House Payment
           II.     Car Note
           III.    Electric or Gas Bill
           IV.    Phone Service (Do you need a cell phone & house phone?)
            V.    Credit Card (Get rid of highest interest rates)
4.  Devise a family budget (Follow blog for expanded details)
           I.       Giving
           II.      Grocery
           III.     Clothing
           IV.     Savings
            V.     Entertainment
5.  Track Your Progress

This is a few tips to get you started.  Throughout the month I will post more tips and expanded info soon.

Best Regards,

Sista Saver

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