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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free Groceries...

For many years there has been a secret society of couponers.  This society consist of stay-at-home moms, professional woman, and many folks who already have a couple pots of gold stashed away (savings accounts).  While the information is actually in front of many of our faces and available to anyone who seeks it.  Not until recently though has so many people began to catch on to what this secret society of couponers were doing.  Buying newspapers in a high quantity on Sunday and clipping away to build an album of savings.  It was amazing the day I stood behind one of these persons.  She had a cart full of name brand high quality groceries.  I just knew her bill was going to be at least $100 bucks.  But to my surprise her total was $40 bucks.  I thought to myself what is going on.  A couple weeks later I was shopping again and saw women walking around with a binder filled with coupons.  Folks were getting there groceries for free.  Here I was trying to buy the store brand to save money and spending much much more.

 I have been in the practice of saving money for several years. This year though I have decided to track my spending.  I am keeping up with my receipts and using coupons in every case. Whether I am going to buy a new outfit, a pair of shoes, ink for the computer, groceries I am constantly seeking a way to save.  It requires much patience and committment to become a couponer.  As I am still learning the rules and secrets of mastering this art of saving.  I am going to share as much info with you as I can. 
Free Peanut Butter, 6 Free Bottles of Juice, Free Tropicana, Free Razors, Free Can of Tuna....Before Savings Price $111 After Savings Price $49.01

Stay tune to find out how you can save....

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