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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Offically 2010

I must tell you that I have been unemployed for the past year.  I could say that 2009 was a bummer but it actually was an eye opener.  What do I mean!  I learned so much about me.  I learned how to make my money work for me and how to become a mother all in one year.  Yes I knew how to save some bucks.  To be honest I have saved more money being unemployed than employed.  But what really made me value every dollar is the possiblity of not having at all.  This make me much more aware of where my money is being spent.  I have picked up habits such as clipping coupons, shopping sale racks, and negotiating. 

I have been researching and reading several blogs on how to shop on a budget.  Learning how to prepare menus for the week and eating out less has put more income in my savings account.  My goal is to not have to work for another corporation unless it is my own.  Oh yeah I am not saying this is easy.  It takes my discipline and a lot of patitience.  As of today I have already saved $1500.00.  You want to know how!!!

Great..follow my blog and find out more daily, maybe twice a day, whenever I save I will let you know.  More to come soon. 

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