Friday, February 19, 2010

Cooking at Home saved me over $200 bucks....

I have been putting on the oven glove and doing my thing in the kitchen for the past year.  For several reasons I have decided to cook dinner at home.  First of all it is to expensive to eat.  The average cost of a meal is $15-$20 per person.   I guess I think about tomorrow alot, Yep I said it I like to eat and having the option to have seconds is what I am talking about.  Not only that I am able to control my salt intake and calories.  Restaraunts can often dounce to much salt on your food and put a whole bunch of I don't know in my food.  I also hate to think about who is the cook.  Plus my husband is so picky with his vegaterian eating habits that I would much rather know what my food is soaking in.  My number one goal though is to save money.  Yes it can be very time consuming if you don't plan.  But I somewhat conquered that issue.  I made a meal plan for a week for what the SistaSavers family will eat.  I will show you a picture of it in a moment. 

Here are my pink and black gloves and
my meal planner

Cooking has become something I am passionate about.  I don't know if is because after you have kids you are more cautious.  Whatever the case I am enjoying the opportunity to put love into my meals.  The outcome is that it is more nutrious and the man of the house enjoys it.  He always gives me a happy plate.  Not only that it gives us time to eat dinner together. (Still working on eating at the dinner table).  I get some great satisfaction of taking care of my husband this way.  Don't get me wrong I am not a slave to the kitchen it brings me enjoyment.  The end results are even better the food and a full belly.  Let's take a look at past meals.  If you are interested in any of the recipes shoot me an email  In the future I may even sneak in a recipe or two. 

Here we go:  Portabello Mushrooms with Asparagus

My mom had her girlfriends over and asked me to cook Shrimp and Grits!! One dish that many of my friends and family requests.

Spaghetti & Soy Meat Sauce really good...made for hubby though...

Later on in the week we had shrimp scampi and linquini pasta. I know I got carried away on the pasta but I spread it out..Looks great and taste even better.

I made crab cakes one day as well....I think that this was another weeks dinner..Man I loved pasta...You can substitute with mash potatoes, something green.
I made myself fried chicken wings one day but didn't get a picture of it.. But here are my barbecue wings!!
One day I even made a vegatable pot pie from scratch...Very tasty...

The next day I was starving and wanted me some beef..
 Snuck myself in a steak...uhhhh huh....

Stay tune for more cooking delights.  I will add recipes upon request or interest.  

Best Regards,

Super Double Deal-Harris Teeter $153.84 SAVINGS

Greetings My Friends:

I know many of you read my post regarding Harris Teeter. Yes it may or may not be surprising to you but unlesss we speak up and speak out people will continue to do what they have always done. In any situation where you find something just isn't right question the situation. Regardless of what happen yesterday I still came out on Top. Yes indeed!!! I saved a whopping $113.37 in coupons and $40.47 in Harris Teeter savings. So let's calculate that a GRAND TOTAL of $153.84.

Many items I would never have tried but because of double super deal at Harris Teeter I received a lot of products free.  So how does Super Double Deal works.  Harris Teeter doubles coupons with face value up to $1.98.  Therefore if a products cost $1.50 the couple doubles get the item free and you earn extra money.  Visit for tutorials.  My goal is to keep you in the know.  Keep visiting for new updates and knowledge.  Remember that "Knowledge without practice is the same thing as no knowledge."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If Something is not Right then Write: Harris Teeter Poor Experience

February, 17, 2010

Keith Lawson & Corporate:

I have been a loyal customer to your Harris Teeter store #149, Celanese Rd. Rock Hill, SC for 7+ years. I have always been treated fairly. Today, February 17, 2010 I chose to shop at 5 am for several reasons to gain time, reduce stress, and enjoy the emptiness of the store. Upon checking out at 7 am to get the super double deal I was approached by your cashier Linda. She greeted me pleasantly and asked would I be doing two orders today. I responded yes and she patiently assisted me in completing my order. I noticed that another young lady by the name of Sarah was standing there moments later. She assisted her with the bundle of coupons I had for my order. Some of the coupons were not working and she began to question some products. I matched every coupon with every item so what I had there was what the coupon represented. Linda proceeded with the order, but Sarah just kept standing there; I suppose to monitor the situation. I never had a manager just tend to one register as though she were awaiting a problem. Out of nowhere Sarah began to question was I going to be using coupons on my second order. I told her that I would. This is when the problem escalated. Sarah began to explain to me that it is 20 coupons per. Household.

I understand your policy quite well that is why I took the time to gather them appropriately. I tried explaining that I was shopping for myself and my mother (of who doesn’t live in my home and has her on VIC card). Sarah replied that I couldn’t do that. This has to be somewhat of an untruth because there are numerous people who shop for others. This was very unusual for me because I have been shopping that way for quite some time. Not only that I have seen other cashiers do this for customers quite often. As if that wasn’t enough embarrassment in itself Sarah and Linda began counting my coupons numerous amounts of time. The shopping experience that was supposed to be stress free was worst than ever. Sarah then asked would I like to speak to the store manager. At this point I was quite embarrassed and in a frenzy to get to work. The manager came over and I explained my situation and he allowed me to get the groceries. The main issues I have are as follows:

1. It seems as though this Harris Teeter location discriminates upon who is able to follow your coupon doubling policy. Why state a policy for one person to follow if it is not going to be applied to all?

2. Why did my cashier take an extra 10 minutes to count 20 coupons and still miscount the amount of coupons I used? Both receipts show less than 20 coupons used in a transaction?

3. If indeed I were over my 20 limit coupon my understanding is that you can use your coupons but at face value. Why was I given back coupons on items I purchased? I did not receive my discount and I have to return items to store. Also I never reached 20 coupon maximum.

4. Why did Sarah stand behind the cashier watching as though I was doing something wrong by trying to save money?

5. Is your policy based upon if the cashier knows you its okay? Or does Harris Teeter value all their customers. I was even told that if you know the cashier it is easier to shop with coupons?

I would like a response to the questions and I would also like someone to contact me. This experience will not go unnoticed or unknown. I am very upset about the time lost, the stress created and the experience none of which I can do anything about at this point. When I think of value, especially in a customer service situation it is putting the customer first. Not creating an environment where someone feels as though they are being monitored or treated unfairly. I have worked in customer service myself for quite some time and know that the customer is your business.

SistaSaver10 Experience

Monday, February 15, 2010

Reduce the Noise

As I was sitting here planning my day something just hit me.  Have you ever listen to a radio or t.v and it seemed to get louder and louder? What seemed to be interesting at first has become a lot more irritating.  Have you ever turned on the T.V to watch the news and your anxiety level began to increase?  How about have you ever surfed the net and became overwhelmed with research?  It is called "Noise"  the buzzing in your ear.  The annoyance in your mind.  The distraction that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose. 

We wonder why we never complete any task that we desire.  There are so many distractions in the super technological world that we can't maintain the moment.  We are living in every moment except the now.  I hope you are catching my drift.  The "Noise" begins to clog your mind and keeps you from belieiving that you can achieve your goals.  You begin to see others producing what you have always said you were going to do.  But they took action.  You turn on the television to find your idea right in front of you.  It's time to turn off the noise whatever is for you will be.  You don't have to compare yourself to others.  What people are doing is what you should be doing and that is taking ACTION.  That is the only difference between you and them.  When you are faced with too much noise you must:

1.  Take ACTION- Begin to plan what you desire to achieve
2.  Remove yourself from the noise-Turn off all distractions
3.  Develop a Positive attitude-Turn off all negativity
4.  Enjoy the moment- Relax and don't worry about the next day or your next move
5.  Continue to Pray, Be Patient, and Prepare
6.  Practice this daily

P.S.  This does not have to relate to technology (although the largest distraction yet).  This can also be noise from friends, family, yourself whatever or whoever is adding distraction to your purpose.  Learn how to balance and incorporate each. 

Best Regards,

Sista Saver

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Yourself Daily

Today is the Nations holiday known as Valentine's Day. A day of smiles, tears, happiness, sadness, regrets, laughter and often times disappointment. Whether you have a love or you don't it’s the day dedicated for

L-O-V-E. As I think of this day with its paganism history I begin to wonder why people get bogged down with the materialistic part of this day. Of course the malls are crowded, there are over 3 hours of waiting time at restaurants and the calories are being increased by the overindulgence of chocolate. There are more depressed people who just hate this day. But why hate a day that represents L-O-V-E. The one thing that the bible tells us if we have no LOVE we have nothing.
I encourage you today and everyday to indulge in SELF LOVE. What does this mean? Before you can accept the love of others you must love yourself first. I have always been a believer of that. Even if you don't have a significant other you have yourself. If you don't have love and a true understanding of your SELF-Worth you have nothing. I encourage you to shower yourself with LOVE daily. Begin by looking at your best and worst qualities. Because God made you in his image and nothing about you isn't worth loving.

Happy Valentine's Day to you today and always.

Much Love,

Sista Saver

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Saved More than $80 bucks today!!!

What a Great Job...New Orleans Saints...

And Great Job to myself Sista Saver..After shopping at 3 grocery stores to find great savings I want to share my greatest deal of the day.  I took the hubby with me just so he can appreciate the hard work and what great payoff couponing does for our house hold.  We first went to Harris Teeter.  There wasn't much on my list from there but I did pick up some veggie meat.  The vegaterian product Morning Star usually cost $4.99 but I caught a sale on them for $2.99 each..  Then we drove over to Earth Fare where I picked up some organic chicken wings for $1.99 a pound.  By the way they are on sale until 2/23 so make sure you go and pick them up.  They are so fresh and clean.  I can't wait to have them for dinner.  Then we went to Bi-Lo where I picked up so much food.  Let me show you a picture.

Guess how much?  Look at all the products and the names of each product.  The tab came up to $94.64 after coupons the cost was $32.26 can you believe it.. Oh my goodness we did a great job.  Even with the help of my husband I got the job done.  You can't see it but I also had a 5 pd. bag of russet potatoes and pepperidge farm bread behind the groceries.  Look at all that Kraft Cheese... and Dole fruits..Emerald Nuts...Check out the prices of these items not on sale and you know how much it would have been if I didn't have coupons and catch a great sale..

Here is a picture of a Happy Husband..

Saturday, February 6, 2010


In order to reach our fullest capicity we must "Release"...  That is we must remove fear from our souls.  It seems to be a destructive disease.  Constantly blocking our true self and being.  We must look FEAR in the face and acknowledge why we can't move forward. Are we fear?  Are we are own disease.  Look in the mirror and declare that you are above fear!