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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cooking at Home saved me over $200 bucks....

I have been putting on the oven glove and doing my thing in the kitchen for the past year.  For several reasons I have decided to cook dinner at home.  First of all it is to expensive to eat.  The average cost of a meal is $15-$20 per person.   I guess I think about tomorrow alot, Yep I said it I like to eat and having the option to have seconds is what I am talking about.  Not only that I am able to control my salt intake and calories.  Restaraunts can often dounce to much salt on your food and put a whole bunch of I don't know in my food.  I also hate to think about who is the cook.  Plus my husband is so picky with his vegaterian eating habits that I would much rather know what my food is soaking in.  My number one goal though is to save money.  Yes it can be very time consuming if you don't plan.  But I somewhat conquered that issue.  I made a meal plan for a week for what the SistaSavers family will eat.  I will show you a picture of it in a moment. 

Here are my pink and black gloves and
my meal planner

Cooking has become something I am passionate about.  I don't know if is because after you have kids you are more cautious.  Whatever the case I am enjoying the opportunity to put love into my meals.  The outcome is that it is more nutrious and the man of the house enjoys it.  He always gives me a happy plate.  Not only that it gives us time to eat dinner together. (Still working on eating at the dinner table).  I get some great satisfaction of taking care of my husband this way.  Don't get me wrong I am not a slave to the kitchen it brings me enjoyment.  The end results are even better the food and a full belly.  Let's take a look at past meals.  If you are interested in any of the recipes shoot me an email  In the future I may even sneak in a recipe or two. 

Here we go:  Portabello Mushrooms with Asparagus

My mom had her girlfriends over and asked me to cook Shrimp and Grits!! One dish that many of my friends and family requests.

Spaghetti & Soy Meat Sauce really good...made for hubby though...

Later on in the week we had shrimp scampi and linquini pasta. I know I got carried away on the pasta but I spread it out..Looks great and taste even better.

I made crab cakes one day as well....I think that this was another weeks dinner..Man I loved pasta...You can substitute with mash potatoes, something green.
I made myself fried chicken wings one day but didn't get a picture of it.. But here are my barbecue wings!!
One day I even made a vegatable pot pie from scratch...Very tasty...

The next day I was starving and wanted me some beef..
 Snuck myself in a steak...uhhhh huh....

Stay tune for more cooking delights.  I will add recipes upon request or interest.  

Best Regards,

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