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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Saved More than $80 bucks today!!!

What a Great Job...New Orleans Saints...

And Great Job to myself Sista Saver..After shopping at 3 grocery stores to find great savings I want to share my greatest deal of the day.  I took the hubby with me just so he can appreciate the hard work and what great payoff couponing does for our house hold.  We first went to Harris Teeter.  There wasn't much on my list from there but I did pick up some veggie meat.  The vegaterian product Morning Star usually cost $4.99 but I caught a sale on them for $2.99 each..  Then we drove over to Earth Fare where I picked up some organic chicken wings for $1.99 a pound.  By the way they are on sale until 2/23 so make sure you go and pick them up.  They are so fresh and clean.  I can't wait to have them for dinner.  Then we went to Bi-Lo where I picked up so much food.  Let me show you a picture.

Guess how much?  Look at all the products and the names of each product.  The tab came up to $94.64 after coupons the cost was $32.26 can you believe it.. Oh my goodness we did a great job.  Even with the help of my husband I got the job done.  You can't see it but I also had a 5 pd. bag of russet potatoes and pepperidge farm bread behind the groceries.  Look at all that Kraft Cheese... and Dole fruits..Emerald Nuts...Check out the prices of these items not on sale and you know how much it would have been if I didn't have coupons and catch a great sale..

Here is a picture of a Happy Husband..


  1. all i can say is wow

  2. hey sistasaver it's your number one fan. I was just dropping by to see you have posted any new saving ideas.

  3. Make sure you becaome a follower of my blog...