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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If Something is not Right then Write: Harris Teeter Poor Experience

February, 17, 2010

Keith Lawson & Corporate:

I have been a loyal customer to your Harris Teeter store #149, Celanese Rd. Rock Hill, SC for 7+ years. I have always been treated fairly. Today, February 17, 2010 I chose to shop at 5 am for several reasons to gain time, reduce stress, and enjoy the emptiness of the store. Upon checking out at 7 am to get the super double deal I was approached by your cashier Linda. She greeted me pleasantly and asked would I be doing two orders today. I responded yes and she patiently assisted me in completing my order. I noticed that another young lady by the name of Sarah was standing there moments later. She assisted her with the bundle of coupons I had for my order. Some of the coupons were not working and she began to question some products. I matched every coupon with every item so what I had there was what the coupon represented. Linda proceeded with the order, but Sarah just kept standing there; I suppose to monitor the situation. I never had a manager just tend to one register as though she were awaiting a problem. Out of nowhere Sarah began to question was I going to be using coupons on my second order. I told her that I would. This is when the problem escalated. Sarah began to explain to me that it is 20 coupons per. Household.

I understand your policy quite well that is why I took the time to gather them appropriately. I tried explaining that I was shopping for myself and my mother (of who doesn’t live in my home and has her on VIC card). Sarah replied that I couldn’t do that. This has to be somewhat of an untruth because there are numerous people who shop for others. This was very unusual for me because I have been shopping that way for quite some time. Not only that I have seen other cashiers do this for customers quite often. As if that wasn’t enough embarrassment in itself Sarah and Linda began counting my coupons numerous amounts of time. The shopping experience that was supposed to be stress free was worst than ever. Sarah then asked would I like to speak to the store manager. At this point I was quite embarrassed and in a frenzy to get to work. The manager came over and I explained my situation and he allowed me to get the groceries. The main issues I have are as follows:

1. It seems as though this Harris Teeter location discriminates upon who is able to follow your coupon doubling policy. Why state a policy for one person to follow if it is not going to be applied to all?

2. Why did my cashier take an extra 10 minutes to count 20 coupons and still miscount the amount of coupons I used? Both receipts show less than 20 coupons used in a transaction?

3. If indeed I were over my 20 limit coupon my understanding is that you can use your coupons but at face value. Why was I given back coupons on items I purchased? I did not receive my discount and I have to return items to store. Also I never reached 20 coupon maximum.

4. Why did Sarah stand behind the cashier watching as though I was doing something wrong by trying to save money?

5. Is your policy based upon if the cashier knows you its okay? Or does Harris Teeter value all their customers. I was even told that if you know the cashier it is easier to shop with coupons?

I would like a response to the questions and I would also like someone to contact me. This experience will not go unnoticed or unknown. I am very upset about the time lost, the stress created and the experience none of which I can do anything about at this point. When I think of value, especially in a customer service situation it is putting the customer first. Not creating an environment where someone feels as though they are being monitored or treated unfairly. I have worked in customer service myself for quite some time and know that the customer is your business.

SistaSaver10 Experience

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