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Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Double Deal-Harris Teeter $153.84 SAVINGS

Greetings My Friends:

I know many of you read my post regarding Harris Teeter. Yes it may or may not be surprising to you but unlesss we speak up and speak out people will continue to do what they have always done. In any situation where you find something just isn't right question the situation. Regardless of what happen yesterday I still came out on Top. Yes indeed!!! I saved a whopping $113.37 in coupons and $40.47 in Harris Teeter savings. So let's calculate that a GRAND TOTAL of $153.84.

Many items I would never have tried but because of double super deal at Harris Teeter I received a lot of products free.  So how does Super Double Deal works.  Harris Teeter doubles coupons with face value up to $1.98.  Therefore if a products cost $1.50 the couple doubles get the item free and you earn extra money.  Visit for tutorials.  My goal is to keep you in the know.  Keep visiting for new updates and knowledge.  Remember that "Knowledge without practice is the same thing as no knowledge."

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