Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who is Sketching You?

I participated this morning with dozens of beautiful, highly motivated, and loving women in a training session for Girl Talk. While there I found admiration and curiosity towards the women who were participates. Everyone had a special talent and some way we all connected. We all had a desire to be role models for young girls. We all expressed our individualism and desires for wanting to be volunteers. It is very funny how you often time look at the appearance of others or listen to what folks say they are doing in some form of judgment. It either makes you jealous or inspires you to continue to move forward with your dreams. I continued to observe the room and all its embellishments of beautiful women; while doing so I observed a young pretty girl, looking me up and down. I noticed that every time she looked at me she would sketch on a piece of paper. I was sitting directly across from her in a circular seating arrangement. The young girl didn't know me nor had we spoken. I kept noticing her sketch something on a piece of paper. Just thinking highly of me, I quietly reached over to a friend of mine and I said, “That little girl keeps looking at me I think she is drawing me”. My friend began to laugh at me as though I was full of myself. But I knew something was up with the young girl.

The facilitator instructed us to position ourselves under categories that represented our personality type. Upon completion of this activity each of us had to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our personality type. Of which I am an extrovert. I saw from afar the piece of paper that the young girl had been doodling on all morning. I noticed there were three figures on the paper. All of which represented someone or something. I noted to myself that I had to see what that girl was drawing. So after the meeting I noticed the girl sitting Indian style on the floor. My friend and I walked over to the little girl. I simply asked the little girl what she had been drawing. As I looked at the picture she replied, "You." Although, I had thought the young girl was sketching me; it didn't become a reality until she said you. I was simply taken aback. I really didn't know what to say. Somehow, some way I made an impression on this girl without even having had contact with her. She saw something in me. I don't know what I did to inspire the sketch. I don't know what led her to choose me out of the dozen of women. But I do know I influenced her in some way. She even had above my head the personality type EXTROVERT.

The moral of this story is you don't know who is sketching you. Just as I had been observing and admiring the women in the session, someone was admiring me. I had no knowledge of how influential my presence was. This young girl saw something within me that she felt the need to take the time to sketch. What will your sketch resemble? What young girl has a desire to model you? What young girl is influenced by your behavior? We never know who is observing, who is watching, who is admiring us. So always be positive. Be a shining light to someone. Most importantly what behavior have you displayed? Just like me I didn’t build a relationship with this young girl. I only had one encounter with her and that was my presence. I didn’t have the opportunity to be pretend to be someone else. This young girl had the opportunity to see me just when I thought no one was watching. The sketch she drew of me was a display of her first impression. What little girl is sketching you? Some young girl is watching your every move, your body language, your character, your way of dressing, your style, your smile. Just like I was observing the other women; someone was sketching me. Always remember someone is sketching you.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Got A Promotion and So can You!!!

I have been working on this promotion for quite sometime and guess what I got it!!! I am now an Investment Banker for the Kingdom of God.  Today I was rewarded the opportunity to have a title added to the work that I have already been doing.  I have been clipping coupons, investing money, coaching others, and saving the money that God has allowed me to keep.  Now I had to realize that the money wasn't mine.  God actually gave me his heart by saying that he is allowing me to manage his money while here on earth.  What am I saying he is holding me accountable as to how I maintain what he has granted me.  I just can't go around wasting his money on senseless items.  I can't be the slave to my creditors or to things that really want matter in 6 months.  As I look around my home I find things that I don't even know why I purchased it.  Maybe I thought it looked good at the time, or felt as though I needed it.  With this promotion comes a lot of responsibilty. 

In Matthews 25 vs. 14-26 it shows what God wanted his people to do with his money.  He didn't want us to waste it but he wants us to multiply his money.  Just like you would if you were to take a sum of money to the bank.  You don't want it to be burdered in the ground.  You want it to compound some interest.  When you mulitply God's  money you get more, but when you Hoard, stash, cheat, and steal you get nothing and are called WICKED.  You must be about God's business. 

Let me share 5 Principles that I must uphold in my new position:

1.  Ownership- vs. 14...God has given me ownership over his money
2.  Stewardship-vs. 15...I am only responsible for what God gives me..I am not held responsible for what is not given.  In other words I only need to be concerned about what I currently have and not what I wish I had. 
3.  Purspose vs. 16-18.. What is my purpose?  Am I able to fulfill my purpose?  You can't be burden with financial debt because you will not be able to fulfill your purpose due to slavery of the Benjamin.
4.  Accountablity vs. 19 God will hold me accountable.  He will hold you accountable for what and how you are managing the money.  Did you help someone else?  Are you giving?  Are you hoarding?  Are you tithing?
5.  Relationship- As a Investment Banker you must have strong and trustful relationship.  Have you given your life to Christ?  Do you know what he wants you do with his money?  Building lasting relationships require you knowing Christ and having a relationship with him.

I want to thank God for my title of Investment Banker.  Thank God for my opportunity to attend
Nations Ford Community Church today where Bishop Phillip M. Davis, Senior Pastor shared this powerful message.  I hope it touches you and yours.  Stay tuned for 10 Creative Ways to Give. 

Sista Saver

Friday, March 5, 2010

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Thanks Deal Finding Chick !!!

Took sometime to find

I can't believe that it is March already. Time is flying and I don't want to miss another opportunity not doing what I am destine to do.  I took a small break to decide how I wanted to handle this blog.  What direction I wanted to go in.  I love saving money, I love fashion, and I love motivating folks and I decided that my blog does just that.  But I want to go one step further.  As I am working on my purpose in this small world.  And I do mean small world because technology has allowed you to be right here with me even when you may be in another country or state.  My purpose is to inspire women. Especially our bright little ladies that are growing up in this society.  There are so many attention stealers out here that we must be focused and aware of what is grabbing the attention of our young girls.  As I am inspiring you I want to reach out to girls ages 8-12 especially.  Now ladies don't get me wrong I still want you as my fans and supporters.  Without you I can't possibly get the word out.  I need women who love the Lord and love our girls to step up to the plate and begin mentoring and supporting programs for the betterment of our girls. They need self-esteem boost.  As a I am in need of host to host seminars at thier church or possibly homes to young girls.  Please let me know of youth group leader contact info at your churches.  Until next time keep saving!!

Kids EAT Free

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