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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Its my 30th Entry!!

It is my 30th entry and the number 30 is special to me because I will be turning 30 on July 3.  Don't you all start sending me birthday gifts and wishes all at one.  For my 30th I have been thinking of ways to Celebrate Life. So I for my 30th Entry I have decided to share:

30 things I like about me!!! Now don't get me wrong I am not conceited or ungrateful.  As a matter of fact it is the complete opposite.  I am grateful and completely happy being who I am.  That is what I want to encourage each of you to be happy with who you are. The media can often times influence you by saying indirectly that  I decided though that if I weren't me then who would be me.  I just don't think anyone can handle being me or do me any justice.  With that being said.  I thought I would find 30 things I like about me that I would share with someone else.  I am happy to be reaching the blissful age of 30.  I am happy that I will be able to see 30.  There are many people who will not or didn't.  Now you are probably thinking well you haven't seen 30.  Well I speak things as they are.  Why because I know God will bless me with 30 years. 

Check out my list and I encourage you to write your own.

1.  I like me
2.  I like my style
3.  I like my sense of humor
4.  I like my creativity
5.  I like my smile
6.  I like my hair
7.  I like my body shape
8.  I like my appearance
9.  I like how I communicate
10.  I like my outgoing spirit
11.  I like that I am a risk taker
12.  I like that I am persistent
13.  I like my feet
14.  I like my lips
15.  I like my life
16.  I like my heart (caring spirit)
17.  I like my optimism
18.  I like my teeth
19.  I like that I am a mother
20.  I like that I am a wife
21.  I like that I am a child of God
22.  I like the fact that I am not perfect
23.  I like voice
24.  I like nose
25.  I like my thick eyebrows
26.  I like my laugh
27.  I like my breast
28.  I like that I make friends easily
29.  I like my heartbeat
30.  I like being me... actually I love all these things about me. 

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