Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ladies what is your worth?

There are many reasons I am writing this blog.  My heart is very heavy today when it comes to this subject.  Many of my closet friends and networks are single women.  Women who are very wholesome but haven't had the opportunity to be a reciprocant of real love.  They have been faced with challenges that have caused them not to be married or in a relationship.  Each challenge was presented with its on case.  No one story is the same and none of them handle coping with singlehood the same way.  I admire most and worry about some.  I have found that many women I meet are in search of the same thing a good man which they equivelate to a good relationship.  First in foremost they are in search of the wrong thing.  A good man when they need to be searching within themselves and seeking God first.  Because if they aren't whole which single means whole then they are going to be happy when they get a man period. They want be happy with themselves.  A relationship doesn't start out being great super or lasting if it is only good while it is good.  What do I mean?  When we first encounter someone all we see is the good even when signs indicate the bad.  All we imagine is the future and what it would be like to have this personin our lives day in and day out.  all we can think about is what we gonna do with this person and how they may be the one.  Not turly dechiphering if this dude is worth our time or not.  Notice the word worth.  You don't know what you are worth because you haven't taken the time to measure your self worth.  You have spent every minute trying to find Mr. Right to end up meeting Mr. Wrong. Because you don't know you.  I encourage you to take some time to spend with you. 

Here are some tips:

1.  Create a place that allows you to feel calm
2.  Sit quietly with yourself
3.  Take a mirror and look at you
4.  Realize that this moment is yours
5.  Don't allow others to dictate your time
6.  Follow your heart
7.  Do what is right for you
8.  Don't settle for less
9.  Write down your qualities
10.  Design a vision board
11.  Accept your failures
12.  Start Something New
13.  Dance as if no one is watching
14.  Dream Big
15.  Cry sometimes
16.  Don't punish yourself
17.  Be Free
18.  Excercise
19.  Develop your on tips
20.  Encourage someone else